Spectator Bow Kylie Bands

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Product Code: 60602490
Category: Kylie Bands
Colour: RedWhite
Material: Fabric, Stretch
Occasion: Back To School, Casual
Gender/Age: Girls
Product Type:
Spectator Bow Kylie Bands
Description Price Quantity Quantity Box
Pack of 12 - Red (Approx 24p Each) £2.95  
Pack of 12 - Navy (Approx 24p Each) £2.95  
Pack of 12 - Black (Approx 24p Each) £2.95  
Pack of 12 - White (Approx 24p Each) £2.95  
Pack of 12 - Assorted (Approx 24p Each) £2.95  
Plain, bow kylie bands, in spectator colours.
Band measuring approx 5cm wide.
Bow measuring approx 9cm x 5.5cm.
Pack of 12.