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The History of Women's Wristwatches
It may come as a surprise that wristwatches were originally worn almost exclusively by ladies. Indeed, it was only after their usefulness on the battlefield was discovered that men started wearing them.
How Punk Inspried Jewellery Trends
Things would never be the same again after the likes of Sid Vicious and Joey Ramone had shown us what they were all about. Interestingly, this applies to jewellery trends as much as it does to music.
The Fascinating History of Fascinators and Classy Headwear
Many people have become interested in them due to the fact that high profile fashionable ladies such as Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Princess Beatrice have been regularly photographed wearing this type of headwear.
The Interesting History of Wrist Watches
The arrival of the wristwatch into the world is a relatively recent phenomenon. So, how and when did humans decide that the wrist was the perfect place to check the time?
Jewellery Trends That Remind Us of the 90s
While items of jewellery usually make for timeless fashion accessories, there have been some trends that remind us of certain times in the past. The 1990s were particularly awash with fashion trends that we can now look back on with misty-eyed nostalgia.
The Unforgettable Horror Films That Still Make Us Shiver
There is something about iconic horror movies that leave a deep, lasting impression on us as viewers. This genre has been around almost since the very first film-makers appeared and has gone through some incredible changes since then.
90's Nostalgia
Throwback Thursday! 90's inspired Jewellery & Accessory must haves for Spring 2015.
Read about some of the world's most eye-wateringly expensive - and beautiful - jewellery with our Big Bling infographic.
October Blog 2013
What Your Customers Will Be Looking For This Season