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How Punk Inspried Jewellery Trends

How Punk Inspried Jewellery Trends
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How Punk Inspried Jewellery Trends

It is easy to imagine that anyone from before the 1970s would be shocked at some of the fashion and jewellery that they see in the modern world. The truth is that the world seemed a tamer and more predictable place before the punk movement splashed its raw passion all over the mid 70s.

Things would never be the same again after the likes of Sid Vicious and Joey Ramone had shown us what they were all about. Interestingly, this applies to jewellery trends as much as it does to music.

Studs and Spikes

There is no doubt that the modern use of studs and spikes in fashion can be traced back to the punk era. Back then, this was an intimidating type of style that probably caused plenty of people to cross the street to avoid punks.

Yet, these days the use of studs and spikes is really rather mainstream. If you see someone walking down the street wearing loads of studs we don't even look twice at them, unless it is to admire their jewellery.

Despite the loss of this overtly threatening aspect, spikes and studs can still create an edgy look when used right.

The Use of Skulls

It's easy to think that the use of skulls in modern day fashion may originate from some sort of ancient Aztec symbolism or other historic culture. However, the design has long been associated with rock music and has particularly strong connections with punk.

Punks would often add a skull or two to their clothing or to their jewellery for shock effect. These days, you aren't likely to cause anyone to faint in shock and skulls have become a mainstream design motif for many fashion lines.

Modern skull jewellery pieces come in all shapes and sizes, from chunky rings to delicate ear-rings and bracelets.

Multiple Earrings

Do you remember the days when a single earring was the most that you would ever see on someone? If so, then it seems safe to suggest that you were around before the punk era caused a commotion and changes many of our ideas about fashion.

The idea of using multiple earrings was one of the most exciting trends to come out of this period and it is a look that is still fabulous today. Putting earrings up on the upper part of the ear also dates from the punk era and is very eye-catching.

Celebrities that have embraced the multiple earring look include Kate Moss, Pink and Miley Cyrus.

Nose and Lip Piercing

Is there anything more punk than getting your nose and lip pierced? This style looks rebellious, it looks painful and it suggests you might sing White Riot or Anarchy in the UK while jumping about the place.

This sort of punk inspired style is now widely accepted as being completely normal and commonplace. If you aren't convinced then think about the following list of stars with pierced lips or noses; Christina Aguilera, Cara Delevingne, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Joss Stone. Lenny Kravitz, Kate Perry.

Not everyone can carry off a look like this, which is what makes it so much fun to try.

The Widespread Acceptance of Male Jewellery

If we think back again on our old-fashioned time traveller what would they think about the jewellery worn by 21st century men? Even Colin Farrell and David Beckham's harmless little earrings might send them into a tizzy.

You see, guys wearing jewellery became a much more common thanks to the influence of punk. Suddenly, men could adorn their faces and bodies just like the women, and many of them loved the sensation.

This is a thrilling way of getting a unique look that makes a man stand out from the crowd. A lot of people maybe still shy away from male jewellery but there is the right style out there for every guy, just as there is for every type of women.

A Rebellious Look

If you were asked to associate punk with just one word, there's a good chance that you would say "rebellious". Most people now feel that punk fashion is no longer as openly hostile as it was once perceived to be. However, there is still that feeling of being deliciously rebellious when you wear this style.

How Punk Inspried Jewellery Trends
Things would never be the same again after the likes of Sid Vicious and Joey Ramone had shown us what they were all about. Interestingly, this applies to jewellery trends as much as it does to music.